I’m feeling really betrayed by the unregulated presence of GMOs in our food supply, on top of the various abuses and imbalances that have become part and parcel of our food/health/environmental crisis. Most of the foods I used to feel nourished and comforted by have become toxic. So I’ve come up with a very personal and immediate strategy. (It does require the belief in created reality, so if you aren’t on board with that yet you may want to close this tab and move on… )

As I understand it, all of the cells in our body are replaced every 7 years. I’m guessing this is the source of our our everchanging tastes as well as our everchanging health – the new cells create new systems that require different nourishment.

Maybe it’s my blood type, metabolism, or borderline anemia, but my body has always responded well to meat protein, and I crave meat wildly when I’m not getting enough. But I can no longer abide or participate in the inhumane treatment of animals by the factory farms, and I’ve never really been ok with the killing or abuse of animals at all for my nourishment. As well, I love pizza and burgers and tacos as much as I love kale and fruit, and I have too much cool stuff to do in my life to spend much time and energy researching and controlling every little ingredient that goes into my mouth. As well, if the food supply for my friends, family, and most of the world is going to be controlled and abused by a little gang of spoiled, irresponsible, morally bankrupt frat boys who care only about profit, I can no longer participate in that system by inaction and keep my soul clean. I hope we will take back our food sovereignty in the ways we are currently working on this problem socially and politically. For now, I have started a new practice:

Every time I eat, or think of it, I state: “The new cells and systems that my body is creating today do not require meat protein to thrive or survive. These new cells can absorb nutrients directly from the sun and my surrounding environment, and my body will eventually need no physical food at all for nourishment.” I figure by the time I’m 57 I will no longer crave meat protein, and will be less dependent on material food altogether.

Anyway, that’s the plan. I figure this way I can keep on eating what I love and enjoy a reasonable quality of life, as the foods that are poisoning us physically and spiritually gradually lose their savor to me, and perhaps I’ll need less and less food after all.