Ready to start growing your own food, but just need a little help, consultation, design, or a gentle boot in the butt to actually do it? I can bring decades of experience as a landscaper and gardener, as well as an artist’s eye and a passion for sustainable planting and growing practices, to make your garden a reality. I encourage the use of native, local varieties and low-water-use strategies.

My goal in this enterprise is to support people to engage with the plant world, experience the cycles of nature, and feed themselves with healthy, homegrown food. I will get you started, and help keep it rolling, but you will be the gardener.

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I recommend seeds from Native Seeds / SEARCH and Westwind Seeds

North of a southern wall, we built a raised bed to maximize winter sunlight

I designed this garden space to deal with excessive shade trees and a southern wall.

Budding gardener and her more heat-sensitive veggies enjoy the afternoon shade of some native sunflowers.

A beautiful local melon, Tohono O’odham Ke:li Ba:so, grown from Native Seeds

Semi-basin garden plots, freshly seeded for Fall. We’re using old Japanese room screens, cut to various heights, as pea trellises, and utilizing an old barrel planter for flowers and herbs.