Welcome to the fresh website!

Hunkered down for the pandemic, working on my online presence. Thanks for your patience as I figure out this new website theme.

Please “like” my Mitzi Cowell (Musician) page on Facebook, and I will keep you updated about my Facebook Live streams. I’ll let you know here as well, as soon as I figure out the calendar widget. Be well!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the fresh website!

  1. Phil says:

    Just saw one of the best blues/jazz groups ever at CPAC. My foot was tapping and body move and groovin’ from the first song to the last. Thank you Mitzi and very accomplished band members.

    1. Mitzi Cowell says:

      Thanks Phil – it was a blast for all of us to play for you! Hope to make it back down there again. Groove on! Mitzi


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